Event Schedule

Doors open.

Registrations begin/Party Starts. Try to come as early as possible to grab the best spot.


Introduction about the event, revealing the prizes for various tracks, introduction to "Clash" round and a roadmap overview for the weekend.

Informative Session 1

Session on "Securing Digital India - Seminar on Smartphone Security and Social Networking Sites Threats" by Rahul Tyagi from Lucideus.

Informative Session 2

Session on "How not to get crushed by the app ecosystem" by Harshad Jagtap from Branch.

Hacking Begins

The game is on. Start brainstorming.

Dinner is Served

Food. Delish. Yay.

Informative Session 3

Exotel API Demo and introuction to the various features. Hacking continues

Pre Judging 1

Evaluation of the idea based on originality and noting progress so far.

Midnight snacks

Such snacks. Much wow.

Midnight Activities

Did someone mention a Mini Militia Tournament ? Damn right.


More food ? I don't mind.

Pre judging 2

Evaluation based on progress, completion and design.


Can't keep my hands to myself, I mean I could but why would I want to ?

Final evaluation

Selection of the best teams to pitch in front of the judges.

Presentations begin

The Clash round and the normal pitches.


Results are announced and hackers disperse. Till we meet again.