About Clash Hacks

Clash Hacks is going to be India's largest student-run independent hackathon which is coming to town in March, 2017. It is bound to witness a stupendous set of developers from all over the nation battling it out for glory and amazing hackathon swag. An entirely independent event, Clash Hacks expects a whole hearted support from the open source and tech related world in order to be able to meet expectations of the affiliate members of the hackathon culture.

What makes it different?

We pride ourselves on building a technical community at the national level with work outsourced to multiple streams across the country, which makes it India's largest student-run independent hackathon. It consists of everything that happens in a hackathon with the twist being a whole-new interactive clash concept where contender teams can request for a show of a certain feature during the demonstration of the project. We will make sure to intrigue you in the most interesting way possible.


Clash Hacks hopes to cultivate an extremely productive and supportive environment such that the best developers from the country gather here to build awesome stuff. Sponsoring the event proves to be a mutual benefit such that you get a chance to showcase your API or product, witness students making awesome projects and collaborate with them, mentor the students, and get them excited about community building in general such that they become crucial part of the developer ecosystem. We also offer access to resumes and portfolios of the best student developers in the country such that you get to meet awesome talented individuals while the students get to increase their network. Please see the sponsorship tier list below detailing the different ways in which you can be a part of the ClashHacks.Can't find a tier that works for you? Shoot us an email at sponsor@clashhacks.in and we'll work out the details.


The Clash Hacks team consists of developed hackers who have been to more than 15 hackathons individually in the last year alone. This gives us a huge benefit in promotional activities since we are a part of most of the developer and hacker communities in the country. A huge positive response to our tech community in the recent times has led us to grow our roots and share a platform which allows us to share this event to a humongous audience. Our fellow contributors are keen on promoting the event in their respective regions, which includes - College reps applying posters in colleges and promoting the event. - Social Media Coverage in the various development groups. We have contacted several online tech communities for Clash Hacks's promotion. All the posters and social media shoutouts would include the logos and links of sponsors as per the tier selected.

How does it work? / Event structure

-> Step 1 - Shortlisting of participants to get best 200 developers of country. ClashHacks interests a variety of developers at all levels of skills across the country. This enthusiasm is shared by many who wish to develop the tech that leads to the world of tomorrow. The goal is to maintain a competitive environment while giving chances to new developers to test out their skills against the experienced developers whom can provide a challenging aura in a healthy and fast paced environment. Creating such a platform requires us to shortlist the candidate list by some margin. ClashHacks proceeds into the competition with selected best 200 developers among the applied candidates to an all-out coding war.
-> Step 2 - Team building and ice breaking sessions. Have your own team? Awesome. Are you a lone wolf? Cool. Couldn’t find the right partners yet? Don’t worry, before the competition starts you can team up with other singular entries to make a team. The teams announce themselves so that the clashing can begin.
-> Step 3 - Shortlisting best 10 teams for stage presentation by pre-evaluation. The core team will evaluate the 10 best teams who shall be eligible for presentation of their product in front of the panel of judges. The judges decide the winners after each selected team has presented their project. The pre-evaluation as well as the judge’s decisions are final and shall not be changed, because ClashHacks is nothing if not fair.
-> Step 4 - announcing category wise and overall winners. ClasHacks comes to an end after the winners based on categories and overall winners have been announced and they take their swag homes along with the title of “Immortal King Of ClashHacks”

Logistics and outreach?

Date for the event - March 25, 2017
Targeted Reach - Nation-wide
The methodology of parallel promotion is applied for promotion of the hackathon which employs us to carry out simultaneous operations across every region, that is, we are able to outsource the promotion work to our fellows in different regions of the country. The procedure of promotion is designed to be such that it will be carried out throughout the organisation of the hackathon, starting from today. An instance of our dedication - Our first milestone was reached when we reached out to 200 people within five hours of launching the facebook page




  • Logos of sponsors on every promotional poster(both offline/online).
  • Initial talk before session and mentorship time during event.
  • Shoutouts in the Online Tech communities and developer groups.
  • Swag distribution to all attendees.



  • Everything in silver package.
  • Demo of API/products/services to all developers.
  • Separate challenge and prizes for best usage of API/products/services.
  • Access to resume/portfolio database of developers.
  • Separate table for interaction and demonstration throughout.



  • (Only 2 available)
  • Everything in gold package.
  • Clash Hacks co hosted by - Company name.
  • Logo on T shirts and certificates.
  • Separate hiring challenge for developers.